"OpenBOX allowed my company to begin with an application and expand it as we grow. We started with a simple help desk solution, expanded to salesforce automation, and recently marketing campaign management. What I like most was how easily it integrated with my accounting system and existing databases."

What is OpenBOX Sales Force Automation?

OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) v9.0 is an easy to use, browser-based solution that automates the entire sales process from lead to sale providing one consistent, enterprise-wide view of the customer resulting in continued long-lasting and profitable relationships.

OpenBOX Sales Force Automation Data Sheet.

OpenBOX SFA Features and Benefits

Territory management   top^

Define, track and change territories based on geography, products or other criteria.

Automatic lead assignment and tracking   top^

OpenBOX SFA provides complete territory and lead assignment and tracking capabilities. Using a customizable form, each lead can be automatically assigned to the appropriate rep and tracked at each phase of the sales cycle.

Detailed contact information management   top^

All account information including address, contacts, notes, activities, quotes and POs/invoices is available in one place for easy reference. Sales reps can access the complete account history (including an audit trail) at the touch of a button.

Forecasting and opportunity management   top^

Specify a dollar amount and associate a probability for each pending lead. Attribute probabilities automatically based on the stage in the sales process. Sales reps will never have to fill out a forecast report again. Know what the pipeline is worth at any point. Run forecast reports for an individual rep, sales manager or the entire sales force. Filter the funnel based on various probabilities.

Enforces business process rules   top^

Define business rules and monitor them 24x7. For example, if a lead has not been followed up, it can be reassigned, a reminder or alert can be sent to the rep or manager.

Define workflow to help reps manage sales process more effectively   top^

Define steps inherent to your sales process to help reps move leads from one phase to the next in the sales cycle.

Sales tools for improved productivity   top^

Create and print quotes, invoices or e-mails. Sending prospects alternative quotes based on various scenarios is quick and easy. A complete document library containing the latest marketing literature and templates is available for lead fulfillment.

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities   top^

Create and run queries to identify possible cross-/up-selling opportunities within existing customer base. Use the Marketing Campaign Management module to run and track the success of campaigns that address these opportunities.

Full MS Outlook integration   top^

OpenBOX SFA seamlessly integrates with MS Outlook to maintain one central calendar and activity schedule. Access Outlook e-mail, compose and send messages from your browser within the OpenBOX SFA application. Export and import contacts and activities to and from Outlook.

Comprehensive analytics   top^

OpenBOX SFA includes several pre-configured queries and reports. Creating and running queries and reports is easy and requires no help from the IT department. Reports can be rendered in text format or in colorful graphics, including trend lines, bar and pie charts.

Wireless access   top^

With OpenBOX mobile SFA (add-on module), sales personnel get up to the minute information using a Palm handheld or a WAP (wireless access point) enabled cell phone. Critical information is accessible anywhere, anytime. Sales reps can work on laptops while on the road and later connect to the server and synchronize information.

Enable team-oriented, process driven sales   top^

OpenBOX SFA provides the flexibility to define your sales process from concept through implementation and an easy interface to work a lead through that process. A sales team can collaborate across geographic and functional borders to close a sale.

Easily customize, configure, and integrate into existing corporate infrastructure   top^

Configure, customize and integrate the OpenBOX Enterprise Solution to match existing workflow. Customize views by setting up dashboards and gadgets. Access favorite queries/reports using a submenu. Add new fields, create tables and design forms to suit individual needs.

Add on Marketing Campaign Management, Order Process Management, and Customer Help Desk, Project Management and Partner Management modules for a complete enterprise solution   top^

The OpenBOX Business Suite offers a powerful, complete enterprise solution that manages business processes from end to end. Additional modules can be easily integrated and configured at any point in time.

Fast deployment   top^

Easy to customize and intuitive to use, OpenBOX solutions can be up and running in days.

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