"We have several different databases - MS SQL, Oracle, and even DB2. OpenBOX enabled my staff to build new solutions without any extensive programming, and we didn't have to move any data."

What is OpenBOX Project Management?

OpenBOX Project Management v9.0 is a web-based solution that efficiently tracks and organizes tasks and resources to complete projects on time and within budget. Built to adapt to an organization’s existing business process or workflow, Project Management provides managers and teams with real-time access to project information from anywhere through a web browser.

Project teams have quick access to the latest project information including status and priorities of tasks, time and costs associated with projects, and allocated resources. They can easily create new projects and tasks, schedule activities, track schedules and report on progress.

Project Management is available either hosted (ASP) or as an in-house solution and is part of the OpenBOX Business Suite, which contains a robust CRM solution comprised of Sales Force Automation, Customer Service and Marketing Campaign Management as well as Expanded Enterprise Solutions Order Management and Partner Management. All modules can be integrated for a complete end to end CRM solution.

OpenBOX Project Management - Features & Benefits

Built to adapt to an organization’s business process or workflow   top^

The power of OpenBOX is its flexibility and powerful customization features. Project Managers can set up alerts, e-mail notifications and rules to the workflow to help guide teams along the project management lifecycle ensuring one consistent process across the organization; or multiple workflows can be set up for different teams and levels of management for access and control during certain stages of the project.

Fully customizable   top^

With its powerful customization features, users are able to tailor the application to their needs. Users can customize dashboards based on their preferences. Gadgets with project information can be configured and placed on the dashboard for quick access to the latest project information. Administrators or Project Managers can add and change fields as needed. All project details are available on one screen eliminating the need to flip back and forth for information.

Easy to use   top^

Project Management is straightforward and easy to use. Project Managers and teams can easily create new projects and tasks, add and assign resources to tasks, and make adjustments as needed while team members have access to the latest project information.

Audit trail for documentation   top^

A complete audit trail is available documenting all transactions within Project Management. Information including the User IDs of who made changes, date and time of changes, and what changes were made is available providing details of the project from beginning to end.

Queries, reports and analytics   top^

Project Management includes a list of pre-configured reports and queries for progress reports, analysis and presentations. Users can easily generate their own queries and reports and add them as submenu items for future access.

Performance tracking   top^

Project Management tracks progress, monitors variances between target and actual project goals such as cost, start date, and finish date, and maintains historical records.

Export project information to other applications   top^

Exporting capabilities are available to other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Securely share project information   top^

Contains multi-level security settings at the group, user, form, field, record and command levels. Users log in with a User ID and password to access the portal, which supports the SSL protocol. Based on permissions and security levels, users will only be able to view and work with project information that is relevant to them.

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