"Wow! OpenBOX implementation was a snap. Our time to market was weeks, not months."

What is OpenBOX Partner Management?

Part of the OpenBOX Business Suite, the Partner Management v9.0 module is a web-based solution that enables customers to effectively manage partner relationships throughout the partner lifecycle ensuring a consistent and efficient process from recruitment through approval, implementation and evaluation. OpenBOX Partner Management enables customers to configure a partner portal for seamless information sharing to optimize collaborative selling, service and marketing to end customers along with partner measurement and rewards.

The module features a collection of customizable gadgets for partner management including lead management, product literature, promotions, alerts, agreements, partner profiles, opportunities, web-based ticket submission, self-service and integration with OpenBOX CRM and other applications.

The OpenBOX Business Suite provides unmatched flexibility and scalability. Customers have the power to customize the software to accommodate their current business processes and then make modifications as needed in the future.

Partner Management can be fully integrated with the OpenBOX CRM solution (Marketing Campaign Management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Service), add-ons Project Management and Order Management as well as back-office applications for one complete enterprise-wide view of customers and partners.

OpenBOX Partner Management - Features & Benefits

Configurable layout for today’s process with ability to modify in the future   top^

Custom-tailor a partner portal around your business not the other way around. OpenBOX Partner Management software offers maximum flexibility and scalability to accommodate current and future business processes.

Complete lead management   top^

Automatically assign and track leads per channel partner and monitor lead activity as it moves through different stages. Alerts can be set up to contact Partner Manager if there is no activity or when a lead moves from one stage to another.

Document library for seamless information sharing   top^

Partners will always be kept up to date with a document library containing the latest tools including product literature, templates, contracts, quotes, and promotions.

In-depth analytics for partner evaluation   top^

Pre-configured reports and queries are available to measure effectiveness of collaborative sales, service and marketing efforts. Easily and quickly design own reports and queries and add them as submenu items for instant access.

Web-based support   top^

Partners can log in to the portal 24x7 to submit support requests for themselves or their customers, check status of open items and update account profile information. For maximum efficiency, customers can be set up with their own user ID and password to access the above information.

Role-based delivery   top^

Application gadgets are delivered to end user depending upon role. For example, Partner Managers can see the status of leads across all partners while the individual partners see only their respective leads.

Multi-level security   top^

Users log in to access the secure portal. Supporting the SSL protocol, the authentication mechanism can be customized based on customer needs. Security is available at the group, user, form, record and command levels.

Flexible architecture   top^

OpenBOX CRM and business software is designed for unmatched adaptability. The web-based three-tier architecture delineates the data layer from the user interface and the business logic. OpenBOX provides COM-based interfaces to its object model to facilitate easy integration with other applications.

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