"Wow! OpenBOX implementation was a snap. Our time to market was weeks, not months."

What is OpenBOX Event Campaign Management?

OpenBOX Event Campaign Management v9.0 is a web-based marketing solution that centralizes, manages and tracks multi-stage events including registrations, notifications and surveys.

Event Campaign Management offers event marketers and planners real-time campaign analytics and data. They are then able to generate more personalized responses to significantly increase event registrations and attendance while reduce cost and measuring overall marketing ROI.

OpenBOX Event Campaign Management - Features & Benefits

Centralized multi-stage event campaign management   top^

Plan, manage and track all event campaigns in one centralized application for more targeted, personalized marketing efforts.

Integrated surveys, email, voice and fax marketing   top^

Schedule, create and launch surveys and email, voice, or fax event notifications and reminders within one application. Real-time statistics such as emails sent, opened, bounced, unsubscribed, and unread are captured per recipient for instant follow-up. Includes automatic unsubscribe management for compliance with latest laws. Users are able to determine effectiveness of campaigns and choose the most relevant follow-up methods.

On-line payment processing   top^

Integration with third-party vendors for online payment/credit card processing.

List management, segmentation and targeting   top^

Easily generate lists, queries, and reports based on specific demographics or criteria for event campaigns.

Document library for event documents and forms   top^

Contains a central repository for all event documents and forms.

Detailed ROI tracking   top^

Measures overall campaign return on investment by tracking event campaign costs, resulting attendance numbers and revenue generated as a result.

Configurable, user defined workflow, business rules and triggers   top^

Users can define steps or specific actions that need to be taken for campaigns to progress such as approvals, and specific triggers for automated responses based on campaign results.

User-friendly admin tools   top^

Powerful administration tools enable end users to modify or customize application quickly and easily without IT assistance.

Available hosted or turnkey   top^

Hosted or turnkey options offer users the right choice for their organization.

Integration with existing data sources   top^

Designed to work with an organization’s existing data sources, eliminating additional database, data migration and development costs.

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