Customer Support Software

You could say that the main point of all CRM software is customer support. But there are two programs in particular from our OpenBOX CRM v9.0 that are directly designed as customer support software: Customer Service and IT Help Desk. This customer support software is meant to automate and streamline the customer service process in ways that benefit both your customers and you.

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One of the main components of the Customer Service module is the way it encourages self-reliance in your customers. While any request is automatically ticketed and assigned to a service representative, a web portal, through which the customer can access an FAQ knowledge base or check on the status of a request or RMA, is also provided. With the complete interface capability found in this software, the service representative can access information from any program, including sales and ordering. Standardized reports and forms make tracking easy.

Multi-Channel Contact Center Serves Customer Support Software

The IT Help Desk customer support software is equipped with a multi-channel contact center, meaning that no matter how a customer made contact (phone, web, e-mail), the information will be stored in one place for easy access by the service representative. It can then be transmitted to sales or other department modules. The ticketing system allows automatic e-mail notification of actions taken, changes in status, or updates on the process.

If you want the best for your customers, along with streamlined efficiency, you won't find a better source than OpenBOX Technologies' customer support software. Contact customer support today for more information and a free trial. Your employees and your customers will thank you.

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