"Because my requirements are unique, an off-the-shelf solution like salesforce.com just couldn't provide the features and flexibility we needed."

What is OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management?

"Marketing campaign effectiveness has always been one of the most challenging business processes to quantify...until now."

OpenBOX Campaign Management v9.0 is a browser-based solution that fully automates and monitors multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns including e-mail, fax, direct mail, web and telemarketing. OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management provides real-time tracking of campaign start and end dates, external contacts, budget and actual costs for each stage. Monitor campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and justify marketing expenses.

OpenBOX Campaign Management allows users to determine the best marketing channels for their products and services. Instantly determine the effectiveness of marketing messages and accuracy of lists. MCM can be expanded to be integrated CRM solution that can also include Sales Force Automation and Customer HelpDesk. Add-on’s Order Process Management, Project Management, and Partner Management are available providing a complete enterprise-wide solution.

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OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management - Features & Benefits

Campaign planning with configurable workflow and collaboration   top^

OpenBOX MCM provides a configurable workflow to handle multiple stages in the campaign planning process – design, approval, rollout, etc. Create activities for various steps in the campaign and assign them to appropriate personnel. Track the budgeted amount and actual cost expended. The start date, end date and external contacts are captured for each campaign.

Schedule and execute targeted marketing campaigns   top^

Create and execute targeted e-mail campaigns including text and HTML messages with easy-to-use interface. Personalize messages using “mail merge” fields and target to specific lists. Schedule campaigns with series of messages to be delivered at various dates and times.

Manage campaign collateral centrally   top^

Specify marketing collateral required at different stages of a campaign. If available in electronic format, attach it to the appropriate campaign activity. Attach multiple files, if required. Specify and assign scripts for an inbound/outbound telemarketing agent. With OpenBOX MCM, the agent can see the script when performing the activity. The branding and positioning remains consistent as the collateral management is centrally controlled.

Provides one view of the customer   top^

All account information is available in one place for easy reference. Access all critical business information generated across various touch points.

Capture and assign leads automatically   top^

Automatically collect and transfer leads from website using a customized form. All prospects whether they download a white paper or attend an event will be captured in the database. Leads are assigned automatically based on customized territory rules.

Identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities   top^

Create and run queries to identify possible cross-/up-selling opportunities within existing database. Use MCM to run and track the success of campaigns that address these opportunities.

Segmentation and targeting   top^

Use powerful querying and reporting features to optimize marketing strategy with no IT assistance. Generate reports in various formats including colorful charts for presentations.

Manage opt-in/opt-out preferences   top^

Execute permission-based marketing using prospect/customer opt-in/opt-out preferences. Focus campaigns on more receptive target markets keeping in mind most preferred channels.

Measure marketing ROI   top^

Measure multi-channel campaigns in real-time by number of leads generated, opportunities in the pipeline, number of sales and revenue generated. For web-based e-mail or banner ad campaigns, click-through rates and conversation ratios are available.

Event triggered actions   top^

Monitor campaigns 24x7 and take automatic actions. Test market and measure various campaigns and lists for effectiveness. Send automatic alerts to press/analysts whenever press releases are generated.

Configure and customize to match your workflow   top^

Configure, customize and integrate the OpenBOX enterprise solution to match existing workflow. Customize views by setting up dashboards and gadgets. Access favorite queries/reports using a submenu. Add new fields, create tables and design forms to suit individual needs.

Fast deployment   top^

Easy to customize and intuitive to use, OpenBOX solutions can be up and running in days.

Part of a complete integrated CRM solution   top^

Integrate with Sales Force Automation and Marketing Campaign Management for a complete CRM solution; add on expanded enterprise solutions - Order Process Management, Project Management and Partner Management- for a complete enterprise-wide solution.

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