Campaign Management Software

What if you and your marketing team never again had to spend your time mining leads and collecting data? What if you never had to write another report on the effectiveness of an email campaign or calculate the return on investment? What if all the endless administrative details such as scheduling and data migration were taken off your hands? Wouldn't that be management Nirvana?

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It's not a dream--OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 is here. That means that the largest and most complex campaign can now be managed so efficiently that it practically runs itself. From developing leads through sending email, voice, or fax messages to reporting the final ROI, this innovative software does it all, leaving you free for the creativity that defines excellent marketing.

Automated Campaign Management Software Saves Both Time and Money

We all know that time is money. Increased efficiency leads to increased productivity, and that leads to a better bottom line. There are many other financial benefits to choosing Marketing Campaign Management 9.0, too. For example, this software is designed to work with Oracle, SQL, DB2 or whatever data source you are currently using, so you won't have to replace it and retrain your sales force.

Ease of use impacts the bottom line as well. This software is designed to be so intuitive that ordinary users will be able to do tasks that formerly needed programmers or IT experts. Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 will also deliver the very best reason for a positive impact on your bottom line: satisfied customers who will return again and again.

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