Customers who have OpenBOX v9.0 enterprise solutions are experiencing true benefits and a powerful impact on their businesses. OpenBOX Technologies customers range from small- medium sized businesses to large enterprises in various industries.

Commonly heard from our customers is the flexibility of our products and prompt response to their service inquiries, but most importantly how OpenBOX maximizes overall efficiency and ROI. Being a customer-driven organization, we communicate with our customers frequently to ensure that the products and services we deliver continue to provide exactly what they need when they need them.

Jeff Swider, President

" The OpenBOX Sales Force Automation and Order Management System has streamlined and organized my business information for one consistent view of customers. My organization operates more efficiently allowing more time to focus on satisfying customer needs. "

Sales Force Automation | Order Management

George T. Panichas, Jr. Principal

" With the OpenBOX order management system we have increased our order capacity by 300% without having to hire additional in-house staff. "

Order Management

Joshua A. Carpenter Vice President, Investments

" I evaluated and found it couldnt provide the level of customization we needed. OpenBOX CRM was flexible enough to adapt to our current business process and allows me to make changes as often as needed. As a result, our organization operates more efficiently and is able to offer the best personalized service to our customers. "

Sales Force Automation

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