About OpenBOX v.9.0 | Customized Solutions

  • Workflow intensive applications
  • Integration to legacy systems
  • Database and process design to streamline information
  • Evaluation, integration, and implementation of existing solutions
  • Rapid deployment, cost-effective
  • Database expertise (Oracle, Sybase, etc.)

OpenBOX Technologies is an integration and implementation specialist with over 15 years of expertise in the design and development of database-driven software and services. Some of our customers include multi-million dollar companies who have come to us for help after having invested in other expensive solutions that didn’t meet their expectations.

We will evaluate your current applications and provide the right solution. You will be up and running on time (sometimes earlier) and within budget, and most importantly based on your original plan.

We specialize in integration and implementation services with your existing products, our own products and various databases including Oracle and Sybase.

Please Contact us to discuss any issues that you may be facing. Whether you have already invested in a solution or are considering one, our team will review your current process and applications and recommend what’s best for your company.

Toll Free Phone: (877) 361-6536